Sugar Producers Seek Trade Protection After One State Ends Production
4/24/2017 11:17:34 AM
Louisiana sugarcane fieldIt was a sad day when Hawaii's sugarcane industry closed up shop last year. Why did Hawaii go out of business? For many reasons but low prices had a lot to do with it. Here is a video report on the United States sugarcane industry from Iowa Public Television's Market to Market show. Story by Josh Buettner.

Chris Benjamin/President & CEO – Alexander & Baldwin, Inc./General Manager – Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company (2009-2011): "Good morning and thank you all for being here today…the day we hoped would never come…but it’s here. There is a modest sense of defeat here today as we are faced with the reality that we were not able to stave off the economic and external forces that have been conspiring against us for so long.” WATCH THE VIDEO
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