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Local distillery switches from rum to alcohol that can be used for hand sanitizer

Raw sugar at Alma Plantation, La.

Baton Rouge Business Report filed this story about a local distillery using Louisiana sugarcane to produce alcohol for hand sanitizer use during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Three Roll Estate, the local distillery that specializes in rum made from sugar cane grown on Alma Plantation in Pointe Coupee Parish, is joining the effort to limit the spread of coronavirus by producing alcohol that can be used to sanitize hands and surfaces.

The distillery—which rebranded in 2019 from its original name, Cane Land Distillery—tweaked its fermentation process earlier this week from one that produces rum to one that makes a solution containing 80% pure alcohol—20% more than what is found in the gel hand sanitizers commonly found on the market.

Three Roll Estate is selling the solution in 55-gallon drums to a mix of customers, who are dispensing the solution into smaller squirt bottles their employees can use while on the job.

“We’ve gotten orders from an electric company, HVAC companies, mostly industrial users,” says David Stewart, president of Alma Plantation, the distillery’s majority owner. “It’s so much better and has so many more applications than gel sanitizers.”


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