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Louisiana Sugar Cane Family Signs Available

Sugarcane Family

The American Sugar Cane League unveiled a new “Louisiana Sugar Cane Family” sign that will be available to sugarcane farmers and millers but also to the general public, said League president Mike Daigle.

The two-tone verdant green sign features the Louisiana Sugar Cane Family theme and a picture of a sugarcane stalk with the words “Since 1795” emblazoned across the plant. The aluminum sign dimensions are 10×18-inches.

The League’s website address,, is also featured.

The League first issued a version of the sugarcane family sign in 1995 when the industry celebrated 200 years of sugarcane cultivation in the state.

“Originally we were making the signs available for purchase by our farmers and millers, but after additional thought we decided to make them available to anyone who wants to show support for our 220-year-old sugar industry,” Daigle said. “Many Louisiana families have a connection to the sugarcane industry, past and present.

“We believe displaying a sugarcane family sign is a great way to show commitment to sustaining the economic, cultural and historical significance of this most important Louisiana agricultural industry.”

Daigle said orders for the sign can be made by calling the League office in Thibodaux at 985-448-3707. The cost is $25.

The American Sugar Cane League of the U.S.A., Inc. is a non-profit organization of Louisiana sugarcane growers and processors. In 1922, when the ASCL was incorporated, the Louisiana sugar industry was threatened with extinction by cane diseases. The primary purpose of the organization at its inception was to provide the industry with an adequate research program to combat the decline of sugar cane yields.

Today, the League’s main functions continue to be research, along with legislation, product promotion, education and public relations.

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