The ‘zero-for-zero' policy on sugar could be a roadmap forward for the US on trade
4/24/2017 11:40:54 AM
The HillLouisiana's sugarcane farmers are among the most efficient in the world so why do they need trade protection? Because the world sugar market is a dump market. Read this story from The Hill about the bold "zero for zero" trade policy proposal.

The 'zero-for-zero' policy on sugar could be a roadmap forward for the U.S. on trade

by Mario Lopez, The Hill Opinion Contributor
It’s no secret that President Trump repeatedly promised to make trade policy a major cornerstone of his administration. Recently, the president’s top trade advisor promised free, fair and reciprocal trade in his first major public speech before the National Association for Business Economics.

National Trade Council Peter Navarro’s comments outlined a policy that he said would create jobs while balancing trade deals the president has said are unfair to America. As many experts and pundits have pointed out, it’s a pretty tall order. READ THE STORY FROM THE HILL

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