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Learn About the Louisiana Sugar Industry

How Well Do You Know Sugar?
The Sugar Association offers important science-based information about sugar, where it comes from and its role in a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Click here to find more downloadable learning aides and resources from the Sugar Association for classroom use and education.

Louisiana Sugarcane Media Press Kit 2021-222021-22 Louisiana Sugarcane Media Kit
Read the eight-page pamphlet that tells you everything you need to know about the 2020-21 Louisiana sugarcane season. A great downloadable resource for teachers and folks who just want to know. The media kit contains all of the topics listed below. Includes a map of the 24 cane-producing parishes, production data, farm data, sugar mill information, and FAQs.

Map of Louisiana’s Sugarcane Producing Parishes 2021
A holdover from Louisiana’s French colonial past, our counties are called parishes. Here is a map that lists all 24 sugarcane producing parishes.

Louisiana Sugarcane Production Data 1982-2021Louisiana sugarcane production data 1976-2018

Pelican State sugarcane growers have been producing sugarcane for commercial purposes since 1795, and before that when the Jesuits planted cane in 1765 for their own use.

From Louisiana Sugarcane Fields to Your Sugar BowlFrom the Field to the Sugar Bowl  

Sugar is pure, contains no man-made chemical or warning labels, is 100% natural, and is less than 16 calories per teaspoon.

Louisiana Sugarcane StatisticsLouisiana Sugarcane Statistics
For 2020, the average Louisiana sugarcane farm was 1,360 planted acres.

Louisiana Sugarcane ProductionLouisiana Sugarcane Production   

A primer on how sugarcane is planted and harvested in the Bayou State.

First the sugarcane stalk is milled…

FAQs about cane sugarFrequently Asked Questions About Sugar
Sugar is sucrose…and everything else…

A Letter From the American Sugar Cane League concerning the coronavirus.

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