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Louisiana sugarcane is arguably the most successful crop in the history of our state, with this agricultural mainstay now being in its third century of production. In this section of our site you will find some general information about the Louisiana sugar industry – as well as information about the state’s raw sugar factories and frequently asked questions about sugarcane and sugar. In addition, we have provided links to weather information websites that provide farmers with daily forecasts across Louisiana.

What Sugarcane Means to Louisiana

It is important to note that the sugar industry is vital to Louisiana’s economy – with an annual economic impact of $2 billion to cane growers and raw sugar factories, while also generating an overall economic value of $3 billion. Sugarcane is produced on more than 400,000 acres of land in 22 Louisiana parishes – with production of approximately 13 million tons of cane yearly. About 17,000 jobs are supported in the production and processing of sugarcane in Louisiana – and the state boasts 11 raw sugar factories. Suffice to say that sugarcane production and processing is a major part of Louisiana’s economy and a treasured way of life for hundreds of farming families in our state.

The Truth About Sugar and Nutrition

In recent years, misinformation about sugar has periodically appeared in the media across the U.S. The truth is that sugar is pure, contains no man-made chemicals or warning labels, is 100% natural and contains less than 16 calories per teaspoon. Unlike artificial sweeteners, sugar has been declared safe by the Food & Drug Administration (GRAS list). Sugar is a pure carbohydrate, which is an important nutrient that supplies energy to the body. In addition, sugar plays an important role in making other foods taste better and serves many vital functions in cooking and baking. The bottom line is that sugar is an essential part of a healthy diet for billions of people worldwide.

We invite you to contact the League or check out sugarcane news if you would like more information about sugar or any aspect of the sugarcane industry.

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