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Sugar Trivia

What is the difference between a sugar mill and a sugar refinery?

A sugar mill crushes (mills) the sugarcane stalks and squeezes the juice from the plant. The juice is crystallized into a product called raw sugar. A refinery takes the raw sugar and converts it into food grade white sugar, the stuff that goes into your sugar bowl on your breakfast table.

How many Americans eat Louisiana sugar?

Louisiana sugarcane growers provide the sugar needs for more than 53 million Americans.

What is the northernmost climate where sugarcane is grown?

Louisiana. Sugarcane grows best in a tropical climate but researchers have developed sugarcane varieties that grow quickly with high sugar content in Louisiana’s subtropical zone. Growers in Rapides Parish just south of Alexandria have the honor of growing the world’s northernmost sugarcane crop.

Louisiana has how many sugar mills?

11. Alma Plantation, Cajun Sugar Co-operative, Inc., Cora-Texas Manufacturing Company, Inc., Enterprise Factory, Lafourche Sugar Corporation, Louisiana Sugar Cane Co-operative, Inc.; Lula Sugar Factory, Raceland Raw Sugar Corporation, St. Mary Sugar Co-operative, Inc., Sterling Sugars, Inc., and Westfield Sugar Factory.

How large a volume is Louisiana’s raw sugar production?

1.9 million tons is projected for crop year 2022. All of the raw sugar produced by Louisiana’s 11 sugar mills would fill up half of the Louisiana Superdome.

How many calories does one teaspoon of sugar have?

One teaspoon of sugar is only 15 calories….and cane sugar is both sweet and natural.

Who invented sugar?

God, but the sugar crystallization process was perfected by planter Etienne DeBoré (pronounced DEB-OR-RAY) in 1795 at his New Orleans plantation, the home of present day Audubon Park. That means the Louisiana sugarcane industry is 219 years old.

Where is sugarcane planted in Louisiana?

Louisiana Cane Belt 2022Sugarcane is grown in the Sugar Belt. In 2022, 24 parishes grew commercial sugarcane. They are Iberia, Pointe Coupee, Iberville, St. Mary, Assumption, Vermilion, St. Martin, Lafourche, St. James, Ascension, West Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Rapides, Terrebonne, Avoyelles, St. Landry, St. John, Jefferson Davis, Acadia, St. Charles, Calcasieu, Concordia, Evangeline and Cameron.






What is the value of the Louisiana sugarcane crop?

In 2022, Louisiana’s sugarcane was worth $4 billion to state’s economy.

We’re #1! What famous college football game is named after Louisiana’s #1 row crop?

The Sugar Bowl was formerly played at Tulane Stadium, believed to be a location where sugarcane was once grown. Now the Sugar Bowl in played in the Louisiana Superdome.

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