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About the league

The American Sugar Cane League of the U.S.A., Inc. is a non-profit organization of Louisiana sugarcane growers and processors. We are dedicated to supporting the Louisiana sugar industry through research, legislation, product promotion, education, and public relations.

Why is This Important?

The fact is that sugarcane is not only the state’s leading row crop, it’s one of the most successful agricultural crops in Louisiana history. In 2020, Louisiana’s sugar industry had an economic impact of approximately $3 billion in our state. With nearly 17,000 jobs throughout Louisiana supported by sugarcane, this industry is absolutely vital to our economy.

A History of Sweet Success

The roots of our organization date to 1922, when the League was incorporated to help combat cane diseases that threatened to wipe out the Louisiana sugar industry. The original purpose of the League was to develop a research program to avert this crisis and increase sugarcane yields. Not only were these efforts successful – they formed the basis of ongoing research projects that continue to benefit the sugarcane industry to this day.

What Else Does the League Do?

The League is also active in legislative matters on the state and national levels – and is constantly monitoring the public policy decision-making process that affects the sugar industry. The league’s legislative efforts also help to ensure that American families have a safe, dependable and domestically produced supply of this essential food ingredient. We are also active in product promotion and work with The Sugar Association and other organizations to promote accurate health information about sugar through its website and press releases. In addition, we provide vital information through The Sugar Bulletin – a monthly publication for League members that offers articles on research, farming practices, legislation, and more. We also offer an informative e-newsletter called Sugar News that is available to the general public. In addition, our staff and League members are available to make presentations to schools and other organizations.

The League maintains a small staff, with much of the organization’s work done by cane growers and processors who generously give of their time to help promote the Louisiana sugar industry.

We invite you to contact the League if you would like more information about our organization or the sugar industry.

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