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Celebrating Louisiana’s Sugarcane Families

Louisiana’s sugarcane industry has been a top economic driver in the state for more than 221 years and is celebrating the family farmers who have been farming cane for generations in a series of television ads this harvesting season.

The ads will feature three farming families well known to the industry: the Bubenzer family of Avoyelles Parish, the Gravois family of St. James and the Segura family of Iberia. The ads, produced by the American Sugar Cane League describe what happens before sugar reaches the grocery store.

“Before the sugar hits the shelf, it begins with a family of sugarcane farmers,” the narrator intones as the camera pans out over a field of verdant sugarcane.

“The ads are a tribute to all our sugarcane farming families who’ve done a tremendous job of preserving, maintaining and sustaining Louisiana’s sugarcane industry for two centuries,” said Jim Simon, manager of the American Sugar Cane League. “Sugarcane farming is not only sustainable in Louisiana, it’s thriving and it’s because of hard work of the Bubenzer, Segura and Gravois families and the other 447 cane farming families. Any one of the extended sugarcane farming community families could have represented our industry.” WATCH THE VIDEOS.

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