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Trash, trespassing becoming issue for sugar cane farmers

Debris illegally dumped in a sugarcane field. Photo by Iberia Parish Sheriff’s office.

Reporter Dwayne Fatherree of the Daily Iberian interviewed several Louisiana sugarcane farmers and found an unnecessary headache that plagues the producers is illegal dumping. Here’s Fatheree’s report.

As the sugar cane harvest keeps rolling along, most people see the oversized trucks and stubbled fields as signs of progress.

But there are some obstacles to getting all of the work done on time. Many farmers have had to stop their work hauling cane to instead haul trash out of the cane rows because of illegal dumping.

“This is becoming a huge problem,” said Gonsoulin Farms co-owner and Teche Growers Association member Ricky Gonsoulin. “Right now, we’re getting data on how many people are apprehended and how many are prosecuted. If we’re not aggressive about enforcing it, they’re just going to keep doing it.” READ MORE

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