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You've found Sugarcane in the News, the home of the official American Sugar Cane League press releases and other news stories about the sugar industry. In this section you will find links to the Sugar News, our email newsletter about the the people who have made sugarcane the Louisiana's number one crop for more than two centuries. You can sign up to receive the Sugar News in your mailbox here.

There's also a link to The Sugar Bulletin, the League's monthly magazine, and its advertising rates and subscrption information. The Sugar Bulletin has been published since 1922 and you can research the sugar industry archives by clicking here or in the drop list to the left. The American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists archives are also available.

Check back frequently to stay up to date on breaking news, legislative issues and other important information about the sugar industry.

No, bagasse is not a dirty word!

Bagasse (bah-gas) is the dry pulp residue left over after the juice has been extracted from the sugarcane stalk. In Louisiana's 11 sugar mills, the biggest use for bagasse is to burn it in the mill as a green fuel.…

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Louisiana Sugarcane Producer Urges Members of Congress to Support American Farmers and Workers for Food Security

Patrick Frischhertz, a sugarcane grower from Plaquemine, Louisiana testified before the House Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities, Risk Management, and Credit on Wednesday, April 26. Speaking on behalf of the American Sugar Alliance, Frischhertz called on lawmakers to maintain “an…

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